Mimi for Kirishima !!

It is really a pleasure, that we could participate the making of the video “KIRISHIMA ARACHA SHINCHA”, which was cut in the rythm of our music! Watch this beautiful video, made by Arun Herzog in Japan, spring 2017.

welcome kirishima party – 2nd october 2016

in only two and a half weeks the “KIRISHIMA WELCOME PARTY” will take place. it is now the 2nd time that the KIRISHIMA BROTHERS come to visit MARIMO in frankfurt. the basement of the old factory close to frankfurt main station, where MARIMO is located, will be the location for this event on sunday, 2nd of october 2016, starting already at 8pm.


since the dinner guests are already at MARIMO from 6 pm, the party starts quite early around 8 pm already. besides the MIMIKOTO live music performance there will also be a lot of electronic dance music performed by DJ beatshokker. drinks will not only be many varieties of organic wine from mosel, rhein and ahr, but also some delicate wines from france as well as green tea cocktails.

in order to participate, you need an invitation postcard to come in. at the door you need the password, which is to be found on the backside of the postcard. feel free to contact us, if you like to come.

inspiration from miles davis at the jazz festival in antibes 1969

place of the jazz festival in antibe

after we recorded last week the saxophone for chat noir as well as the final part with double bass and saxophone, this week is dedicated to get some inspiration from miles davis at the jazz festival in antibes 1969.

the antibes jazz festival takes place every year at a place only a twenty minutes walk away from antibes, in a town called juan les pins. between a little park with many pine trees and the sea, we find the place, where the festival takes places, which is to be seen on the photo above. we imagine who it is when the musicians play here under the pine trees, and people listening see the sea behind the them playing.

miles davis mosaic at the train station of juan les pins close to antibes

miles davis did not only play one time at the jazz festival “in antibes”, but several times. probably this is also one reason why one of only two mosaics in the train station of juan les pins is dedicated to him.

1969 miles davis recorded the live album “1969 miles – festiva de juan pins” together with wayne shorter, chick corea, dave holland and jack dejohnette. personally spoken, it is really one of the most impressive albums i ever discovered. one reason why i hear pieces of it again and again nearly every day since some years already.

mimikoto live improvisation at SIKS street festival in frankfurt

it was a pleasure to be invited again to the fabulous SIKS street festival in frankfurt, which impressed all of us again by its great atmosphere, even if it was raining most of the time. so many nice and kind people who enjoyed their time singing, dancing and joking, making music together and having nice drinks at the wine bar in the koblenzer straße, where also the headquarter of SIKS is located.

exercises for the upcoming events

Mimikoto Bass Exercises for Summer Events 2016

for the upcoming events it seems to be good to do some exercises. since i am used to play on the “usual double bass”, the training especially on the eminence double bass is important now. the eminence upright bass was easier to bring to portugal, thanks to the fact that it is lighter and smaller, and mine has also a removable neck, which made possible to take it with me as “usual luggage” without extra costs.  the feeling during playing on it is not so different to my other double bass, but for the soli a little difference already means quite much.

dirk has not yet arrived in portimão, so i am still playing alone, what makes me feel a bit lonely on the bass, but what is not bad for the training, now exercising the bass solo parts of “sous le trottoir” and “kama”.