Fabio Kumori

While I mainly play the upright bass accoustically, it is an important field for me to create electronic sounds with analog synthesizers. Sometimes, the sound of the accoustic bass stays alone, or it comes together with other instruments played live, like drums, guitar, sax or … Continue readingFabio Kumori

Mimikoto – live at Mizucha Cocktailparty – 14 July 2018

Enjoy to Mimikoto’s music online: mimikoto.bandcamp.com During the gig at the Mizucha Cocktailparty 2018, Mimikoto played as trio, with tenor sax, accoustic double bass and drums. Some pieces were performed completely accoustic, and for some pieces, especially during the improvisations, the tenor sax was played … Continue readingMimikoto – live at Mizucha Cocktailparty – 14 July 2018

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