Visiting vinyle record stores in Nice

Visiting vinyle record stores in Nice who sell our MIMIKOTO – unexistent LP. Taking this as an opportunity already to announce our next release comming out in 2021.

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Recording session with bass, looper and EFX

Recording session with upright bass, looper and EFX for the string ensemble part in „Notes from Kirishima“. And the weather is so hot that it is nearly impossible to play !! 😅

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Silhouette (Live in Antibes, September 10, 2017)

MIMIKOTO – Silhouette. Performed live by Ü (tenor sax, efx) and Fabio Kumori (analog rhythm machine, looper, efx) on September 10, 2017 at plage de la Salis in Antibes, France. Video: Arun Herzog.

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Mizucha in the Waves

MIMIKOTO – Mizucha in the Waves. Inspired by the rhythm of the waves and the sound of sun. Music composed and recorded by the MIMIKOTO project. Video recorded and edited by Arun Herzog.

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Closing my eyes lets me feel free. Playing a good improvisation means to feel free and let it happen that the right sound comes out of my sax at the right moment. If I play for people, I close my eyes and get in a … Continue readingÜ