Insa Gaidt

Music can transport feelings and moods that are difficult to convey with words alone. Improvisation opens up the possibility for a musician to move freely in a beautiful world of sound and feeling. You can add something to the existing piece and enjoy all the … Continue readingInsa Gaidt

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Fabio Kumori

While I mainly play the upright bass accoustically, it is an important field for me to create electronic sounds with analog synthesizers. Sometimes, the sound of the accoustic bass stays alone, or it comes together with other instruments played live, like drums, piano, guitar, sax … Continue readingFabio Kumori

Noomi Mae Coleman

Singing, playing the piano, writing songs – these things mean to me to express what I feel. My intuition and music theory come together when a new piece of music evolves. The chords sometimes seem to follow the melody that I sing or feel and … Continue readingNoomi Mae Coleman

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Swann Pfeiffer

I felt into the jazz potion a long time ago as I was trying to broaden my musical horizon. Since then, all I have been doing is a mixture of learning from the greats and experimenting behind the kit, ideally together with other inspiring musicians … Continue readingSwann Pfeiffer

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Darius Blair

While I studied alto as well as tenor saxophone at the beginning, I focus on playing the tenor saxophone since I was a student at the pre-college at Dr. Hoch’s Konservatorium in Frankfurt. After pre-college, I studied as junior student at Musikhochschule Mainz. In 2021 … Continue readingDarius Blair

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Igor Grabez

Essentially I am the improviser. In the beginning I start to play the piano and afterwards I add different instruments at different times. Playing in the meantime  the pocket trumpet and the 5-String bass and trying to be honest as possible with the musicians and … Continue readingIgor Grabez

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Video for „Blackbird’s Philosophy – Part II“ with Noomi Mae Coleman

From spring till autumn 2021 we recorded the music video for „Blackbird’s Philosophy – Part II“ in a beautiful forest close to Frankfurt. All musicians really play and sing the original notes, melodies (and even reproduce their original improvisation) from this track during the video, … Continue readingVideo for „Blackbird’s Philosophy – Part II“ with Noomi Mae Coleman

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