Fabio Kumori

While I mainly play the upright bass accoustically, it is an important field for me to create electronic sounds with analog synthesizers. Sometimes, the sound of the accoustic bass stays alone, or it comes together with other instruments played live, like drums, piano, guitar, sax … Continue readingFabio Kumori

Noomi Mae Coleman

Singing, playing the piano, writing songs – these things mean to me to express what I feel. My intuition and music theory come together when a new piece of music evolves. The chords sometimes seem to follow the melody that I sing or feel and … Continue readingNoomi Mae Coleman

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Uli Schiffelholz

The range of my artistic work includes a quite broad variety of genres of music. Besides working as musician and performer at the theater, as well as performing classical music and rock music, my main focus lies on jazz. While beeing composer and arranger for … Continue readingUli Schiffelholz

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Johannes Schwarting

Playing the saxophone and persuing my passion in music means finding and developing my own sound. The wide variety of sound facets that can be created through a saxophone makes it a challanging but beautiful lifelong journey for me. Working with electronic modifications expands this … Continue readingJohannes Schwarting

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Noah Karls

Since I first actively listened to jazz for the first time, I fell in love with it at once. Playing jazz myself is a passion to me and it became a big part of my live. Throughout this, exploring the tenor saxophone and experimenting with … Continue readingNoah Karls

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Visiting vinyle record stores in Nice

Visiting vinyle record stores in Nice who sell our MIMIKOTO – unexistent LP. Taking this as an opportunity already to announce our next release comming out in 2021.

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Recording session with bass, looper and EFX

Recording session with upright bass, looper and EFX for the string ensemble part in „Notes from Kirishima“. And the weather is so hot that it is nearly impossible to play !! 😅

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