Swann Pfeiffer

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Swann Pfeiffer - Drums

I felt into the jazz potion a long time ago as I was trying to broaden my musical horizon. Since then, all I have been doing is a mixture of learning from the greats and experimenting behind the kit, ideally together with other inspiring musicians like in the Mimikoto Project, and listening to rhythms and sounds from all over the world.

That’s what jazz is about: creativity, versatility, openess, spontaneity, and, in the end, knowing the rules to break them.

To that end, I studied the drums in different music schools in France, my country of origin, e.g. the Conservatory of Épinal or Lille. I was greatly accompanied by some of the most prominent jazz drummers in France, my country of origin, including Franck Agulhon, currently drum teacher in the National Conservatory of Paris.