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Fabio Kumori Bass

While I mainly play the upright bass accoustically, it is an important field for me to create electronic sounds with analog synthesizers. Sometimes, the sound of the accoustic bass stays alone, or it comes together with other instruments played live, like drums, piano, guitar, sax or percussions. But sometimes, the sound of the accoustic bass finally comes together with the sounds created by analog synthesizers.

In my sound-philosophy, the source of the sounds in my music always should come from accoustic instruments or analog synthesis. Computers may be used to work on the composition or arrangement of musical pieces, but not to create sounds, because the pure and direct character of analog synthesis creates an unique atmosphere when it comes together with the sound of accoustic instruments. Maybe not better than the sounds created by a computer, but different. Live played accoustic instruments as well as analog synths have warm sounds, are spontaneous and free, are perfect also to create improvised music in some moments of time.

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