the MIMIKOTO project – unexistent LP

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MIMIKOTO - unexistent (cover inside)

1st release in May 2018 // art print cover released in May 2019 // re-issue in February 2022

MIMIKOTO - unexistent (cover)
the MIMIKOTO project – unexistent LP (cover)

Most of the tracks on this album were recorded during session by Fabio Kumori (synth, double bass, drum machine, efx) and Ü (sax, looper, efx).

re-issue 2022 distributed by wordandsound

listen to the MIMIKOTO project – unexistent LP online:


MIMIKOTO - unexistent (cover inside)
MIMIKOTO – unexistent LP (cover inside)


Summer in Antibes – 06:08

Vaisseau Spatial – 06:37

Paradis – 05:07

MIMIKOTO - unexistent LP (cover detail)
MIMIKOTO – unexistent LP (cover detail)


Kama – 05:46

Separated Together – 04:55

Reflexion – 07:12

MIMIKOTO unexistent LP vinyl
MIMIKOTO – unexistent LP – vinyl

Pressing with a limited edition of 507 copies.

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